Well, Its been a month or so since my last post, which was "I suck at this"... a fairly accurate title for my blogging skills.
Hopefully now that school is over and I don't have much to do, I'll be able to post a bunch on here, and make more Weack's for all the haters out there. Speaking of that, I am in the midst of editing a new Weack as I type (multitasking like a bawwuhsss). I am in the middle of a ski trip with the Traveling Circus freaks in the west coast of Americuh. We have been in Tahoe the past few days riding squaw, boreal, and some custom shit we set up at a closed resort. Up next is Mammoth, where I have only been for a short period of time, so I am real excited to hang out there for a week and ski their sweet azz park. Everyone will be there too... total bro/babe/beach scene. Anyways, I am planning on posting a whole bunch more from now on. Oh and Coral sweaters and tees will be ready by Wed. and hopefully be available by the weekend!
Here's some shots from the trip so far...

Shane watching the Asian snowboard mafia.

Hesh mode

Tha Hills.

Utah ballz.

Stuck in the salt flats. Fuckin' Van.


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